Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Well..Today has been a productive day....Not!!

To be honest, it was bad from the very start, i woke up at about 7 by my sister getting ready for school, and thought, 'okay, i'm awake now i'll get up' and that failed! i seemed blink and time has moved on to 11:30! So i rolled out of bed and wandered round an empty house for 10 minutes or so, searching for something to do. I thought i'd so some homework/revision as i've not done any since we broke up 2 weeks ago tomorrow!! eek, but i have had too long a break and my brain has turned to mush in that time :/ mehhh. I had a bowl of Crunchy nut cornflakes :D then watched eastenders, or hollyoaks, or something crappy like that (can't actually remember what it was)and ended up turning it off after 5 minutes. I then spent another 10 minutes (ish) wandering blankly looking for something to tell me what to do. I ended up getting the out a photo album of a musical i was in at Primary School :- A Christmas Carol, but with a 'humerous' twist, i played Miss. Penny Pincher the 'evil' headmistress, and can see that i was even a drama queen back then. The next 3 hours were spent engrossed in iTunes, transferring Sondheim's 'Merrily We Roll Along' album from the computer to the laptop, and playing it about 6 times. I then had a lovely text reminding me that our School's production of Hairspray's auditions were tomorrow!! I seriously thought they were next thursday, so now i am in between deciding on wheter to sing Moon River, Children Will Listen or Don't Cry For Me Argentina, i think I'm gonna do Argentina, and now have Dame Henshall's version (From The Ruthie Henshall Album) on repeat, trying to re-learn it for tomorrow!! And i have Disco at 6 and Street at 7 tonight, so will i do it? Hopefully, but with the Sacrafice of Waterloo Road!
Ahhhh just God bless Chloe who told me!! She is ggoing to be amazing tomorrow singing 'Tell Me On a Sunday' and make me feel crap and jealous! Shall let you know how it goes!! Xx

Oh and i almost forgot (though i don't know how) I have emailed Julie Atherton regarding singing lessons, i knew it would be a long shot and didn't expect anything back, but she emailed me about an hour ago saying she had some free dates in the next couple of weeks and to pick a date. I emailed her back embarrassing myself saying how excited i was and could i possibly have Sat 26th June. She hasn't replied yet, but i can't wait!! It's quie a hefty price at £50 per Hour, but for Julie Atherton i would happily pay that, it's going to meant that i have been taught by 2 of my idols!! Oh life is good! XD x

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