Saturday, 12 June 2010

I feel busy, oh so busy............. I feel busy, and dizzy and TIRED

Well.... what a past few days!!!

On thursday i had my hairspray auditions (which started at 3:30) we expected there to be about 30 people as per usual, but come quarter to 4, there was about double that turn up! As i wathed the younger children perform it was obvious to see which of these could grow up to become really really great actors and actresses, and those who just lacked self belief. It was pushing when i got to audition, i sang an acapella version of all tha jazz, oh and it went terribly! I started out singing it in a higher key than it should have been sang, and all the way through the first voice i was trying to act it out, but i was thinking, just stop and ask to re do it, you'll struggle at the top notes, but then i thought, well that would be unprofessional, so i battled on! When id diid come to the 'no I'm no-ones wife, but oh I love my life' i sounded like a strangled cat! and thats putting it lightly!

Anyway, it wasn't all negative, the ordeal of that made me think, right, I'm not losing my voice, i need to find another singing teacher and NOW (my previous teacher Lise Christensen had moved to London as her career was now about to take off, she had been my teacher for 4 years, and we really got on, so it was a hard goodbye) I had emailed around but they all seemed mediocre in comparison to Lise, so i left it, and 6 months passed by!! but i came across a woman named Elaine Bishop from a friend of mine, emailed her, and withing an hour we had a phone call and booked a consultation for saturday (today, eeek) at 3.

I came into school the next day with a grin like a cheshire cat, and went to see my music teacher at break so that she could help me with what i was going to sing for my consultation, and (already!) the callbacks were on her door, i had a callback for Tracy and my mood became even happier. I told her why i needed to go through the song, and she said 'About time you got a new teacher, you can really tell that you're not having regular lessons anymore!' i then explained my frustration at my higher notes sounding awful and screechy! (Being able to belt at a high register in my chest voice had always been my best attribute, especially when it came to notes where others had to switch to their head voice) She told me that it wasn't that i couldn't reach the notes, and that i sould be able to sing them without flinching, but it was my breath controll that had suffered and it was losing the 'purity in my sound'. She was right, i was breahing like a dancer again!

After a hectic enough day, i then had to go for a loooooong shift (I'm a waitress). It was the oddest shift i think i've ever seen, there was a table refusing to pay for their food, and a nearby table shouting at them saying they were 'crazy' and the food was devine, another table of americans who were, ermmm a little bit worse for wear to put it nicely, and rather enjoyed slapping my behind a good few times, and then a couple who wanted me to sit with them all night who said they would sponser me through drama school if i gt in, and gave me a £10 tip straight in my pocket as well as another 10 to go in the tip pot! Ahh i think i got more in tips last night than i did wages!

Well that was my rather long (didn't realise it was this long :/) weekend so far Xxx

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