Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My first post!!!

So it's the end of half term and i have been ill for the last couple of days while everyone else has been back at school, and i read this really inspiring blog last night (well very early this morning) and decided make one of my own.
A bit about myself!
1. I am 15 years old, but find myself wishing my life away, which i know is something i will regret in the future, but for now i cannot wait to grow up!
2. I have a burning passion for everything Musical Theatre, I don't just love and adore it, i eat, sleep, breathe, think and feel it! everything about me can be described in the content of a musical, naive, fast paced, enfuriating, good yet villainous, tragic, complex,joyous, exciting,apprehensive.... oh the list could go on. Sometimes i get myself so worked up about what my future may hold if I keep putting the wor in, but i get equally as distressed with the fear that all my dreams could come crashing down, but that's a risk i am willing to take.
3. I am my own worst critic! I have a feeling of inferiority with everything i do, like everyone is judging me, and I'm always letting them down, or not living up to their expectations.
4. (with the exception of musical theatre) I have the world's shortest attention span!
5. My friends are AMAZING
6. Ruthie Henshall is GOD, and Rachel tucker, Julie Atherton, Lea Salonga, Idena Menzel and Julien Ovenden are her angels, and between them i think thejunky have performed in every worthwile msical ever!
7. I eat wayyy to much junk!
8. I love to dance, have been doing so for the past 7 years, and gradually I am developing my skills in the hope that one day i will have reached the standard that is required of a musical theatre actress!
9. Modern Jazz and Ballroom are my favourite genres of dance
10. I live in the middle of nowhere with my younger sister, gran and uncle
11. I like to wear lot's of different perfumes
12. I work as a waitress in a local pub
14. My drama teacher is an incredible person, and how she never became a star will always amaze me
15. I do not wear green clothes
16. I have set myself he task of learning to walk in heels over the summer
17. I have also set myself the task of going on a diet & sticking to it!!!
18. People who say musical theatre performers are not 'real' actors are obviosly talking a load of crap and don't realise that they don't have voice editing like these so called 'talented singers' and have to sing live 8 times a week and have to be good!
19. I don't like to wear shoes
20. Red lipstick and false eyelashes are the two things every girl should own.
21. I go to many theatre summer schools every year during the break and love it
22. The most memorable of these schools was when i went to Millar Henshall Theatre Arts, summer 09' and got the chance of a lifetime to train with my idol, Rutie Henshall, i don't think i breathed throughout the whole week!

Well i think that will do for now, until i figure out how to use tis website properly. Laura Xxx

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