Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pressure.... Pushing down on me!!

Oh where to start!! I have been soo busy and it seems that to fit everything in sleep is the thing that suffers! It has been revision revision revision today for the short course RE GCSE, i can't trust myself revising online as this, weheartit and facebook are much to big of a distraction, or i just need to get some self controll!!! :/

Hairspray callbacks are now on Monday too, i wish they would stop drawing it out, i'm beginning to get impatient! ;) It also means i shall have to sing a song from hairspray, and after listening to the Broadway Cast Recording, there aren't really that many stand out solo songs except for I Know Where I've Been, but that is a NO GO, somebody else's territory and i think she would wipe the floor with me anyway if i even tried to compete with her :D So..... it's looking like Good Morning Baltimore reprise atm!.

The lovely picture has kinda set the topic of music, so i am now going to moan about my singing teacher! She isn't terrible and i suppose she knows what she's talking about, she just wasn't the person i expected, no presence or warmth, i tried not to judge and seem like a snob but i had the lesson at her house, which was a little cramped and slightly resembled a cat sanctury! She did well, had lots of sheet music and quickly adapted the mezzo warm up stuff she had prepared into something more suitable. It's strange how you don't do something for almost a year, but as soon as you do it again everything comes back to you, the breathing was the worst!! Shocking breathing i think she said :P All in all, it wasn't a bad lesson, she just wasn't what i thought she would be. My Nanny thinks that i now have too higher stadards as my first singing teacher(s) were absoloutly incredible, it was a miracle i found them being 10 and browsing the internet for a singing teacher in the middle of Lincolnshire!! I found Michael Bracegirdle and emailed him, then i got my gran to phone him and we arranged a consultation meeting, i can still remember exactly how the day panned out. They told me a little bit about them and vice versa, then they asked me a few questions, and told me to sing. I sang Memories (perhaps not a wise choice for someone of 10, bu at the time i had no idea about how the acting of a song should come across) their reactions after i had sang was the biggest confidence boost i think i've ever had! They told me that Lise would be teaching me, and we never looked back from there. Over the past 4 years i was with them, i found out that she is Danish, but got a scholarship to Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and actually won the Schubert prize!! She also had a certain warmth and class about her that made me feel comfortable singing in front of her, i didn't care if it sounded shocking! They moved to London about this time last year and are now touring the UK in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. I think that being taught by a performer showed me things that a teacher wouldn't pick up on, we worked on posture, how to communicate with your audience and all sorts of things, but now with a real teacher it's different. OKAY, RANT OVER THANK GOD!!!!

I was doing my artist reasearch for my art courswork and came across this guy, Banksy. He is an incredible artist who grafiti's all over the streets of London. I acually feel quite ashamed that i hadn't come across his genious before, and if you have time, Google him deffo!!

T'as been a bit of a strange day, but nothing a good ole' dance couldn't sort out, i had Disco and Street tonight, i haven't danced properly for a while but really went for it & 'Got My Groove On' as Rachel my dance teacher said haha :) and after disco especially i was in physical pain afterwards, like if you have the nasty P.E. teacher and they make you run double for cutting a corner of laughing or breathing/blinking when you weren't supposed to :/ and you get to the end and want to puke!

I'm not normally a Streety person (more modern Jazz or disco diva) but it was really good tonight we learnt the Thriller dance and were being dragged across the floor and all sorts XD

(I don't think you'd catch them bustin' a move to Hip-Hop :D)

Oh and i thought I'd share my song of the day, it's absoloutly gorgeous and i think i may steal Idina Menzel's voicebox and replace it with my own.... though i would then regret it as i wouldn't cope without her music!!!! Well this is I Stand - Idina Menzel

That is all for tonight, i need my beauty sleep.....Seriously!!

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