Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Having just come across your blog, you said about looking and seeing who would be great actor/actresses and those who just lacked self belief... Do you mean they won't make it cause they don't have self belief?

no, not at all, i meant that i could see the ones who would become great actors and actresses, and those who just lacked self belief (they have the potential to become great actors/actresses, but you could just see in them that they didn't believe that they had this potential). :)

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pressure.... Pushing down on me!!

Oh where to start!! I have been soo busy and it seems that to fit everything in sleep is the thing that suffers! It has been revision revision revision today for the short course RE GCSE, i can't trust myself revising online as this, weheartit and facebook are much to big of a distraction, or i just need to get some self controll!!! :/

Hairspray callbacks are now on Monday too, i wish they would stop drawing it out, i'm beginning to get impatient! ;) It also means i shall have to sing a song from hairspray, and after listening to the Broadway Cast Recording, there aren't really that many stand out solo songs except for I Know Where I've Been, but that is a NO GO, somebody else's territory and i think she would wipe the floor with me anyway if i even tried to compete with her :D So..... it's looking like Good Morning Baltimore reprise atm!.

The lovely picture has kinda set the topic of music, so i am now going to moan about my singing teacher! She isn't terrible and i suppose she knows what she's talking about, she just wasn't the person i expected, no presence or warmth, i tried not to judge and seem like a snob but i had the lesson at her house, which was a little cramped and slightly resembled a cat sanctury! She did well, had lots of sheet music and quickly adapted the mezzo warm up stuff she had prepared into something more suitable. It's strange how you don't do something for almost a year, but as soon as you do it again everything comes back to you, the breathing was the worst!! Shocking breathing i think she said :P All in all, it wasn't a bad lesson, she just wasn't what i thought she would be. My Nanny thinks that i now have too higher stadards as my first singing teacher(s) were absoloutly incredible, it was a miracle i found them being 10 and browsing the internet for a singing teacher in the middle of Lincolnshire!! I found Michael Bracegirdle and emailed him, then i got my gran to phone him and we arranged a consultation meeting, i can still remember exactly how the day panned out. They told me a little bit about them and vice versa, then they asked me a few questions, and told me to sing. I sang Memories (perhaps not a wise choice for someone of 10, bu at the time i had no idea about how the acting of a song should come across) their reactions after i had sang was the biggest confidence boost i think i've ever had! They told me that Lise would be teaching me, and we never looked back from there. Over the past 4 years i was with them, i found out that she is Danish, but got a scholarship to Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and actually won the Schubert prize!! She also had a certain warmth and class about her that made me feel comfortable singing in front of her, i didn't care if it sounded shocking! They moved to London about this time last year and are now touring the UK in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. I think that being taught by a performer showed me things that a teacher wouldn't pick up on, we worked on posture, how to communicate with your audience and all sorts of things, but now with a real teacher it's different. OKAY, RANT OVER THANK GOD!!!!

I was doing my artist reasearch for my art courswork and came across this guy, Banksy. He is an incredible artist who grafiti's all over the streets of London. I acually feel quite ashamed that i hadn't come across his genious before, and if you have time, Google him deffo!!

T'as been a bit of a strange day, but nothing a good ole' dance couldn't sort out, i had Disco and Street tonight, i haven't danced properly for a while but really went for it & 'Got My Groove On' as Rachel my dance teacher said haha :) and after disco especially i was in physical pain afterwards, like if you have the nasty P.E. teacher and they make you run double for cutting a corner of laughing or breathing/blinking when you weren't supposed to :/ and you get to the end and want to puke!

I'm not normally a Streety person (more modern Jazz or disco diva) but it was really good tonight we learnt the Thriller dance and were being dragged across the floor and all sorts XD

(I don't think you'd catch them bustin' a move to Hip-Hop :D)

Oh and i thought I'd share my song of the day, it's absoloutly gorgeous and i think i may steal Idina Menzel's voicebox and replace it with my own.... though i would then regret it as i wouldn't cope without her music!!!! Well this is I Stand - Idina Menzel

That is all for tonight, i need my beauty sleep.....Seriously!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I feel busy, oh so busy............. I feel busy, and dizzy and TIRED

Well.... what a past few days!!!

On thursday i had my hairspray auditions (which started at 3:30) we expected there to be about 30 people as per usual, but come quarter to 4, there was about double that turn up! As i wathed the younger children perform it was obvious to see which of these could grow up to become really really great actors and actresses, and those who just lacked self belief. It was pushing when i got to audition, i sang an acapella version of all tha jazz, oh and it went terribly! I started out singing it in a higher key than it should have been sang, and all the way through the first voice i was trying to act it out, but i was thinking, just stop and ask to re do it, you'll struggle at the top notes, but then i thought, well that would be unprofessional, so i battled on! When id diid come to the 'no I'm no-ones wife, but oh I love my life' i sounded like a strangled cat! and thats putting it lightly!

Anyway, it wasn't all negative, the ordeal of that made me think, right, I'm not losing my voice, i need to find another singing teacher and NOW (my previous teacher Lise Christensen had moved to London as her career was now about to take off, she had been my teacher for 4 years, and we really got on, so it was a hard goodbye) I had emailed around but they all seemed mediocre in comparison to Lise, so i left it, and 6 months passed by!! but i came across a woman named Elaine Bishop from a friend of mine, emailed her, and withing an hour we had a phone call and booked a consultation for saturday (today, eeek) at 3.

I came into school the next day with a grin like a cheshire cat, and went to see my music teacher at break so that she could help me with what i was going to sing for my consultation, and (already!) the callbacks were on her door, i had a callback for Tracy and my mood became even happier. I told her why i needed to go through the song, and she said 'About time you got a new teacher, you can really tell that you're not having regular lessons anymore!' i then explained my frustration at my higher notes sounding awful and screechy! (Being able to belt at a high register in my chest voice had always been my best attribute, especially when it came to notes where others had to switch to their head voice) She told me that it wasn't that i couldn't reach the notes, and that i sould be able to sing them without flinching, but it was my breath controll that had suffered and it was losing the 'purity in my sound'. She was right, i was breahing like a dancer again!

After a hectic enough day, i then had to go for a loooooong shift (I'm a waitress). It was the oddest shift i think i've ever seen, there was a table refusing to pay for their food, and a nearby table shouting at them saying they were 'crazy' and the food was devine, another table of americans who were, ermmm a little bit worse for wear to put it nicely, and rather enjoyed slapping my behind a good few times, and then a couple who wanted me to sit with them all night who said they would sponser me through drama school if i gt in, and gave me a £10 tip straight in my pocket as well as another 10 to go in the tip pot! Ahh i think i got more in tips last night than i did wages!

Well that was my rather long (didn't realise it was this long :/) weekend so far Xxx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Well..Today has been a productive day....Not!!

To be honest, it was bad from the very start, i woke up at about 7 by my sister getting ready for school, and thought, 'okay, i'm awake now i'll get up' and that failed! i seemed blink and time has moved on to 11:30! So i rolled out of bed and wandered round an empty house for 10 minutes or so, searching for something to do. I thought i'd so some homework/revision as i've not done any since we broke up 2 weeks ago tomorrow!! eek, but i have had too long a break and my brain has turned to mush in that time :/ mehhh. I had a bowl of Crunchy nut cornflakes :D then watched eastenders, or hollyoaks, or something crappy like that (can't actually remember what it was)and ended up turning it off after 5 minutes. I then spent another 10 minutes (ish) wandering blankly looking for something to tell me what to do. I ended up getting the out a photo album of a musical i was in at Primary School :- A Christmas Carol, but with a 'humerous' twist, i played Miss. Penny Pincher the 'evil' headmistress, and can see that i was even a drama queen back then. The next 3 hours were spent engrossed in iTunes, transferring Sondheim's 'Merrily We Roll Along' album from the computer to the laptop, and playing it about 6 times. I then had a lovely text reminding me that our School's production of Hairspray's auditions were tomorrow!! I seriously thought they were next thursday, so now i am in between deciding on wheter to sing Moon River, Children Will Listen or Don't Cry For Me Argentina, i think I'm gonna do Argentina, and now have Dame Henshall's version (From The Ruthie Henshall Album) on repeat, trying to re-learn it for tomorrow!! And i have Disco at 6 and Street at 7 tonight, so will i do it? Hopefully, but with the Sacrafice of Waterloo Road!
Ahhhh just God bless Chloe who told me!! She is ggoing to be amazing tomorrow singing 'Tell Me On a Sunday' and make me feel crap and jealous! Shall let you know how it goes!! Xx

Oh and i almost forgot (though i don't know how) I have emailed Julie Atherton regarding singing lessons, i knew it would be a long shot and didn't expect anything back, but she emailed me about an hour ago saying she had some free dates in the next couple of weeks and to pick a date. I emailed her back embarrassing myself saying how excited i was and could i possibly have Sat 26th June. She hasn't replied yet, but i can't wait!! It's quie a hefty price at £50 per Hour, but for Julie Atherton i would happily pay that, it's going to meant that i have been taught by 2 of my idols!! Oh life is good! XD x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

My first post!!!

So it's the end of half term and i have been ill for the last couple of days while everyone else has been back at school, and i read this really inspiring blog last night (well very early this morning) and decided make one of my own.
A bit about myself!
1. I am 15 years old, but find myself wishing my life away, which i know is something i will regret in the future, but for now i cannot wait to grow up!
2. I have a burning passion for everything Musical Theatre, I don't just love and adore it, i eat, sleep, breathe, think and feel it! everything about me can be described in the content of a musical, naive, fast paced, enfuriating, good yet villainous, tragic, complex,joyous, exciting,apprehensive.... oh the list could go on. Sometimes i get myself so worked up about what my future may hold if I keep putting the wor in, but i get equally as distressed with the fear that all my dreams could come crashing down, but that's a risk i am willing to take.
3. I am my own worst critic! I have a feeling of inferiority with everything i do, like everyone is judging me, and I'm always letting them down, or not living up to their expectations.
4. (with the exception of musical theatre) I have the world's shortest attention span!
5. My friends are AMAZING
6. Ruthie Henshall is GOD, and Rachel tucker, Julie Atherton, Lea Salonga, Idena Menzel and Julien Ovenden are her angels, and between them i think thejunky have performed in every worthwile msical ever!
7. I eat wayyy to much junk!
8. I love to dance, have been doing so for the past 7 years, and gradually I am developing my skills in the hope that one day i will have reached the standard that is required of a musical theatre actress!
9. Modern Jazz and Ballroom are my favourite genres of dance
10. I live in the middle of nowhere with my younger sister, gran and uncle
11. I like to wear lot's of different perfumes
12. I work as a waitress in a local pub
14. My drama teacher is an incredible person, and how she never became a star will always amaze me
15. I do not wear green clothes
16. I have set myself he task of learning to walk in heels over the summer
17. I have also set myself the task of going on a diet & sticking to it!!!
18. People who say musical theatre performers are not 'real' actors are obviosly talking a load of crap and don't realise that they don't have voice editing like these so called 'talented singers' and have to sing live 8 times a week and have to be good!
19. I don't like to wear shoes
20. Red lipstick and false eyelashes are the two things every girl should own.
21. I go to many theatre summer schools every year during the break and love it
22. The most memorable of these schools was when i went to Millar Henshall Theatre Arts, summer 09' and got the chance of a lifetime to train with my idol, Rutie Henshall, i don't think i breathed throughout the whole week!

Well i think that will do for now, until i figure out how to use tis website properly. Laura Xxx

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