Thursday, 26 August 2010

AWOL is not an appropriate word!

So HI!! Yes i am still alive.... and there is so much to tell! if i can remember that far back! :)

So i can pretty much sum up my Summer with a single statement; I was meant to go and collect my GCSE results on Tuesday, and while all the other anxious boys and girls were waiting for the school gates to open, I was laid in bed, dead to the world! yep - I slept through the whole thing, and only when someone text me to ask me what results i god did i even realise what day it was! Hopefully i shan't be this lazy next year!

Hmmm... all this absent time has lead me to forget what i last blogged about!............

I believe it to be auditions for a production of Hairspray! :)

Well, after an awful audition, i somehow managed to scrape a callback, which went absoloutly dreadfully! (and that would be putting it lightly!) Every auditionee sang either I can Hear The Bells or Good Morning Baltimore, they had all put together backing music and prepared a few movemens. Some of them were beter than others, the usual 'shining stars' of the group were fantastic as per............ and then it got to my turn!! I turned up to the callbacks totally unprepared, with no backing music, lyrics in hand, no attempt to cover up how 'out of my depth' i was! I reluctantly began my a capella version of You Can't Stop The Beat, crazy i know! So the first time i sang it i had to stop half way through because i couldn't breathe! And the second time i sang it through, with each verse, and each gasp of air, i felt my pitch going up an octive! It's so very cringeworthy just reliving the horrible experience!

So what with the pressure of the expectation to land the lead role and disappointment of performing terribly, it wasn't thebest of days!

When the cast list got posted, i had got the part of Louanne, one of Corny Collins' daners, and to be honest i think that my part was fairly cast, but the part of the lead role had gone to somebody who didn't even audition!! So i wasn't very impressed with how that had come about! There were a few nasty things said about her by some people in the drama 'circle', yes i suppose they had the right to feel angry for this surprise casting, but the feelings of bitterness and jealousy were well and truely exposed at some of the rumours that surfaced, i am slightly ashamed to say that i was involved with the people who were beind the majority of the 'bad blood' but, all now, i'm glad to say, is water under the bridge! Well with the cast anyway!

Shame the same can't be said for the directors of the production though. They decided that it was me that was the ringleader of all the 'torment' towards a certain cast member, and i had been acused of all sorts of un-truths! It was not a pleasant experience, and when 3 teachers cornering a single srudent and basically telling me 'im not as good as i htink i am' is incredibly hurtful, and as you can imaine, does wonders for my confidence! Soo, taking recent circumstances into consideration, i have seperated myself from the negative atmosphere that surrounded the production for me, and also I'm now opting to take a drama course at college, rather than doing my A levels at school, but god help the remaining year i have left with the drama department! (7 hours per week!)

To finish on a highhhh! I am going to see Sister Act on Saturday, Whoopi, in more ways than 1!! :)

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